Sponsoring a student

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $20.00 a month gives a student in West Africa an opportunity to attend school that they would not otherwise have – a opportunity to acquire the knowledge that may help them overcome the vicious cycle of poverty.

A year of support ($240.00) includes:

  • A full year of tuition at a United Methodist Secondary School
  • Assistance with program and operating costs @ the student’s school
  • Access to medical care
  • The opportunity to establish a relationship with your student (Note: To protect your privacy, all communication goes through the OCI office.) Most important of all, your student will come to understand that he or she is God’s beloved child, that he or she has value, and that God has a purpose for their life.
  • Our goal @ OC is that you have the opportunity to continue to support your student throughout their secondary school career.
  • To Sponsor a student in West Africa, click HERE.

Note: Less than 15% of your contribution goes to pay for OCI Operating and Administrative costs.


For further information,contact us!

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